Short Term Saving or Long Term Loyalty

Two days ago, I received an SMS from my credit card provider that they have not received my payment and notified me to pay it by yesterday, else my card would be blocked.

Ah darn, I forgot to make the payment as I was overseas in the past few weeks! I finally managed to make the payment yesterday at 12:15 am (which made it 15 minutes too late from the deadline).

Today (which is Saturday), as I was making payment for my next business trip on an online travel site, my quick payment method was unsuccessful, and it prompted me to check with my credit card provider. Ah! they must have blocked my card.

So I gave the bank a call, and after asking some questions verifying my identity, the customer service person told me that my card has been blocked. I told her that I’ve made the payment yesterday, and after checking, she confirmed it. But she said that I can only use the card again on Tuesday, as it takes one business day after receiving payment to reactivate the card.

“Can’t you just unblock it now? Your record shows that I’ve paid, and I need to use it now” I demanded.
She replied, “Sorry, I cannot do that, as it takes two business days”
Hmmm…. since everything is recorded in the system, why can’t they just automate the unblocking? and why the two business days?
Okay, fine, I guess I have to go to the ATM to make my flight payment then :\

I then asked her if there is penalty charged to my card. She said yes, and the late fee of IDR 150,000 will show on this month’s bill. I asked for a waiver, since I was late for just a few hours. I told her that I always pay my bills on time, I have high transactions every month, I’ve been with this bank for so long, and this slip was because I was overseas and I could not make the payment in time. She definitely could see this on my records in the system.

She replied that she cannot do it. I insisted that she should look into it, and told her that I have been using solely their credit card for all my transactions, and if they are not valuing this, then I might as well use other credit card provider that gives better experience.
She then politely told me that she will file a case, and I can get the decision in two days time. I asked, “How do I know if the case is approved? Will someone call me to let me know?” She answered, “No, you have to call us again on Tuesday to check on the status”
Ouch, so much trouble…

I wonder how much the bank is actually saving from this. They might have earned the late charge fee, but they’ve just lost faith from a loyal customer.

It reminded me of Tony Hsieh’s book on Delivering Hapiness, where he noted the importance of empowering employees to make decisions to deliver the best experiences for the customers.
The customer service person that I talked to today was very polite, and showed interest to help me, but looks like the company policy has not empowered her to do so. What a shame.

an experience designer / a balinese / an emotional creature / somia cx

an experience designer / a balinese / an emotional creature / somia cx