Often times, in qualitative research we default our choice of research method to IDI or in-depth interviews. It is relatively safe. We talk to people, we get some ‘deep insights’ from what people say, and we get what to ask our so-called research questions.

In-depth interview with staff

But IDI can only uncover so much. The thing is, people do not always do what they say. And placing our bets in developing products just based on what people say is risky.

So does it mean that it is not a good method? No. But it needs to be complemented by other sources of insights…

Have you been in a situation, where you couldn’t really understand what the presenter is talking about because he is using lots of jargons or concepts you are not familiar with?

Or are you that presenter? Then you are cursed.
As Chip and Dan Heath wrote in Made to Stick: “Once we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it.”

The Tapper and The Listener

In her experiment, Psychologist Elizabeth Newton split people up into two groups — tappers and listeners. Tappers chose a song from a list of 25 common tunes (think “Happy Birthday,” “Mary Had…

On 25–26 September 2019, the team at Somia Customer Experience organized the first Service Design Indonesia conference (SDID19). Over a hundred service design enthusiasts from the region, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia, attended the two days event that was held in Jakarta Design Centre. Throughout the two days, we listened to inspiring stories from the speakers, practiced hands-on techniques in the workshops, connected with fellow practitioners, tried multi-sensory coffee experience, and for some, got first-hand experience of Jakarta protest that happened right around the venue (this was unplanned!).

The service design enthusiasts at SDID19

Quick recap of the lineup. In Day 1, we had…

On 18 July 2019, Somia Customer Experience organized the first service design meet up in Jakarta, Indonesia. The warm and cozy evening was attended by about 50 enthusiasts, showing growing interest and enthusiasm towards the topic of service design.

Service Design Indonesia meetup on 18 July 2019

There were three key experiences of the night:

  1. Coffee experience powered by Gordi, where the attendees got to brew their own coffee guided by the baristas and then sipping different coffee to guess where it came from
  2. Sharing session by Maesy Angelina, Social Systems Lead at United Nations’ Pulse Lab Jakarta, with topic On Services & Systems: Stories from Pulse Lab…

This morning, as I sat on my dining table having my breakfast overlooking our backyard, I felt grateful. Just that, how simple things can bring joy to life. Yet, it got me thinking. Is it right to feel content? Does content mean we no longer have the hunger to pursue more things? Does content mean we will stop growing?

Today, I had another ‘sparkle’ session with Dan & Jo. The topic revolves around FOMO — the fear of missing out. I would admit I often feel this. Living in Bali and having a toddler means I have less time taking…

image by Phuong Tran, taken from freeimages.com

Customer needs with financial services may not have changed over the past decades — people still want to keep their money save, transact with others, get extra fund to support their lives, or get more return for their capital. However, with the growth of technology adoption by customers in different parts of their lives, customer expectation has shifted. What used to be new, is now expected. Customers are now more pampered than ever. They want to get their jobs done better, easier, and faster. They want convenience. …

Conducting user research in the field where we can directly observe, engage, and immerse ourselves in the users natural environment can bring a lot of benefit to the design process. To make the best out of field research sessions, there are a couple of things we need to carefully consider. Here are some tips and lessons learned from our own experiences that can help you avoid common problems. This article covers the first (and most important part), planning.

1. Prioritize key research questions

Identify what you want to find out from the field user research, prioritize to top 3 key research questions. This will guide…

If you are in Indonesia, you would have at least heard of Go-Jek — and its food delivery service, Go-Food. I am one of the many people who have used Go-Food and enjoyed the convenience it offers. As I don’t cook much at home, our little family tends to order in, eat out, or buy takeaway meals on our way home. Since having a baby about 5 months ago, my dependence on Go-Food has increased as I am unable to go out as much. There are many times when I would order Go-Food three times a day — for lunch…

Looking back to more than a decade ago, I can see my naive self eager to make a difference and make an impact through experience design. Equipped with doctorate academic training and strong technical skills, I believed I had what it takes to do well and I was ready to take up any challenge.

Now, about thirteen years later, after going through two jobs as in-house UX designers (at Dell Experience Design Group and then at Hewlett-Packard Global Design Studio), as consultant (at Reading Room, various independent projects, and Somia Customer Experience), and founding my own business, I wish I…

Two days ago, I received an SMS from my credit card provider that they have not received my payment and notified me to pay it by yesterday, else my card would be blocked.

Ah darn, I forgot to make the payment as I was overseas in the past few weeks! I finally managed to make the payment yesterday at 12:15 am (which made it 15 minutes too late from the deadline).

Today (which is Saturday), as I was making payment for my next business trip on an online travel site, my quick payment method was unsuccessful, and it prompted me…

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